by JP Howes
It was the beginning of the global
village and the end of a relationship
between a father and son. Funny,
intelligent and moving.  
From a small town in Iowa to an earth quake ravaged village
in Peru,
"Subduction Zone" is a memory play which moves
seemlessly in and out of distant places and earlier times.

Charlie Coil         The same actor plays the role at 17, 19
                      and 35 years old. Good looking & charismatic

Spanish Woman*  A heavy-set  middle-to-older aged woman
                       from a small village in Peru. Speaks Spanish
Ernie Coil            Charlie’s father. Played at the age of 45 and
                     60. A retired man who is set in his ways

Ella Coil              Charlie’s mother. Played at the age of 40
                     and 55. Full of energy and life

Radio Voice        Male, not seen

Cynthia Loudin   An attractive woman played at 17 and 35
Marilyn               Charlie’s sister and Todd’s mother who is
                    only played at 32. High strung and not too
                    comfortable with herself

Todd                  Ernie’s 12 year old grandson

Grace Loudin    Cynthia’s sister played at 15 and 30.  A
                    natural beauty, possesses inner peace
* A note about the dialogue spoken by the Spanish Woman:  Both English and Spanish are provided. The character may
speak in either or a combination of the two. Only when Charlie and the Spanish Woman engage in a conversation in the
final scene is it necessary for the lines to be spoken in Spanish, so that Todd does not understand what is said.
(3 men, 5 women, 1 voice)
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