YAE offers three types of programs

  •  Plays we perform for the public at an area theater

  •  Plays we bring to your school or gathering

  •  Plays we develop with students at their own school
Young Actors Ensemble
Our Playlist . . .

  • Seven Dead Women

in rehearsal for Aesop
YAE actor turns an audience member
into a cow during a
"Puss in Boots"
Ensemble Artistic Director, Karen
Howes worked with 252 elementary
school children from Esther Jackson in
Roswell, GA to develop a musical
incorporating the life and works of 11
famous painters throughout history.
Above,  students bring to life "Persistence of
memory" painted by Salvador Dali in "A night
at the Museum -- the case of the missing
"Ms Howes created a wonderful work
of art and magic that has not only
transformed our lives, but the whole
attitude and life of the school"  -- Laura
Nalesnik, PTA Cultural Arts Chair,
Esther Jackson Elementary School
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Kids from Stanton help Krysten find
the end of the Puss 'n Boots story