Young Actors Ensemble
  What's unique about our program ???  
We create most of the plays that we perform

  •     Interest -- we identify  either the interest  
                       of a target audience or  
                       something that interests the
                       ensemble cast.

  •    Hands-on -- the play begins development
                         through several methods
        * discussion between director and cast
        * improvisation
        * scripting

  •   Scripting --  the play is written and cast

  •    Revising -- the play is rehearsed, and
                       through the rehearsal process,
                       the play is put through a highly
                       creative, sometimes frustrating,
                       and extremely rewarding
                       process of revision.
How we develop new plays. . .
 re-working a script
trying out a new scene
     trying out a new character
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