Instructor bio --
  • I received a degree in Philosophy from The
    College of William and Mary and have worked as
    an educator and writer for over 20 years. In the
    field of education, I wrote educational television
    programs for The Center For Excellence. Many of
    the programs and documentaries were aired on
    PBS and acquired by school systems throughout
    the country.

  • I also worked with subject area experts to author in-
    service training books for the Virginia Department
    of Education.

  • As an investigative journalist, I am the author of
    hundreds of feature articles on science and
    technology and I have been published throughout
    the world and translated into several languages.

  • As a playwright, I was a finalist in the Maxam
    Mazador National Playwright Conference and have
    appeared on stage and in television as an actress.

  • As a teacher and mother of 4 homeschooled
    children, I see learning as a process of discovery
    and adventure which the student, teacher and
    peers embark upon together. I have taught
    courses in philosophy, acting, scene study, public
    speaking, and literature.

  • I have also directed several plays for schools and
    community theaters, and I am trained in using
    theater education to help at-risk teens.
teaching a hs literature class at
ierian Springs Academy
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