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       "Moment of Evolution"
                                    by JP Howes
 Six one act plays linked by a single setting - a diner in the middle of nowhere,
      and also linked  by one disconnected  circumstance  - a fat women in the restroom.
Each of the six plays are comedies that stand alone or tell a complete story when all are played as
one full length play:

I.  Roadkill  -  in a lone cafe on a deserted highway, a fat woman who lies dead in an outdoor
lavatory prompts a strange encounter between a young passionate woman and a man, indifferent
and detached, who clean tables and brews coffee behind the counter.

 Eddie, the manager of the diner, Joe's Place
                      Addie, a women looking to commit suicide
II. Letter to the Enemy - a young, pregnant woman from the south is forced to marry a man she
doesn't know to keep the public and press from knowing the truth about the identity of the baby's
                                    Laura, a young pregnant woman from Georgia
                                    Bill, in charge of PR for the President
                                     Hugh, Laura's fiance and a PR man working for Bill

III. The Stand-up - a bounty hunter assigned to transport a Native American Indian rights activist to
federal officials discovers that he is not expected to finish the journey. A battle of intelligence,
strength, and wit forms a connection between the two men who are both victims of a bigger plan.

                             Sonny, a bounty hunter with dreams of being a stand-up comedian
                             Beau, a Native American Indian activist
                             Lana, a quirky woman with her own reason for tracking down beau

IV. Burning Love -  a young girl sets her boyfriend's truck on fire when he's in it to keep him from
going to the fireman's ball with someone else.

                           Russell, a fireman nearly burned to death when his truck was set on fire
                           Emmaline, his underage girlfriend

V.  Bloodline -- a scientist  needs the help of one of her students to complete some controversial
research involving
a strange community removed from civilization

                       Dr. Erickson, a female biologist working on a genetics experiment
                       Susan, her student at a community college

VI. Long Way Home